9 Functional Home Office Decor Ideas

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on Point 2.

Home office spaces may be an extension of the working world, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring or stuffy.

There’s a whole world of fantastic office accessories, furniture and supplies allowing you to create a space that reflects your personality and work style.

Here are some ideas for crafting the perfect home office decor that will help you stay focused, inspired and productive.

1. Be Organized

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A messy, dysfunctional space won’t lend itself well to productivity, so it’s essential to include various decor items to help you get organised.

Shelving, baskets, filing cabinets, drawers and other accessories that can arrange and hide items are extremely useful. To liven things up a bit, choose colorful and fun accessories rather than standard black, gray and white.

2. Add Greenery

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Bring a little of the outdoors inside to promote a sense of relaxation and inspiration while you work.

If your home office gets natural light from windows, choose a selection of easy-to-care-for plants in attractive pots. Many plants also provide the added benefit of cleaning indoor air.

For something simpler, select some beautiful fake foliage instead.

3. Create a Bespoke Desk

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A desk can be made out of just about anything — two cabinets with a flat surface placed on top between them, a repurposed table, and a deep shelf mounted on the wall are just a few examples.

So don’t feel like you have to stick to traditional store-bought desks. If it’s a flat surface that you can comfortably work on, it’s a desk!

4. Work Those Walls

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Make your walls more functional by adding chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, whiteboards or cork, so you can jot down notes, keep track of papers and business cards, hang a calendar, or just add some fun designs to the space.

It’s an affordable and simple way to stay more organized and add interest to your home office decor.

5. Hang a Gallery

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Create your own gallery wall using personal photographs, inspiring images, or even examples of your achievements (think awards, certificates/diplomas, etc.).

This is a great way to personalize your home office space and celebrate the things you love and care about while also creating a space you’ll enjoy spending time in. Frames in various sizes and colors will make it even more impressive!

6. Get Comfortable

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Creating a comfortable home office space doesn’t mean making things so comfortable that you find yourself drifting off to sleep.

However, comfort is essential when you’re spending a significant amount of time in one place, so be sure to opt for ergonomically designed furniturea fan or heater if needed, a nice rug, and anything else that helps you stay comfortable but focused.

7. Find Fun Lighting

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Lighting is essential no matter where you’re working, but in your home office space, you have the perfect opportunity to get creative with it.

Find unique table or floor lamps, invest in a gorgeous ceiling fixture, or get whimsical with string lights. Just be sure you provide yourself with adequate lighting, so you don’t strain your eyes!

8. Customize Your Color

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Depending on where your home office is located, you just might be able to get a little wacky with the color palette if that’s your style. Obviously, if your home office is a shared space in a kitchen, den or hallway, you may have to keep things tamer.

But if it is self-contained, why not go wild? Choose ball colorspatterned wallpaper, or whatever makes you feel good.

9. Make It Pet-Friendly

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If you have a pet that wants to be by your side while you work, consider incorporating a pet-friendly space somewhere in your home office.

It could be as simple as a pretty pet bed placed in a corner or as elaborate as a decked-out window seat for a cat or dog or a floor-to-ceiling tower for a cat.

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