39 firms in the 2022 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey reported average net fees per FTE employee (as measured by full-time equivalents or FTEs) of $226,000 or more. This group represents the top 18% of the total participant pool when it comes to average net fees per FTE, which is determined by calculating the total net fees for the prior fiscal year divided by number of FTE employees (including partners, client-facing team members, and administrative/operational team members).

Why consider this metric? The theory is that the more revenue placed in the hands of each employee, the greater the leverage applied and the more profits a practice will earn. We were interested to see whether these firms with higher “profit potential” are also making more progress with their flex and remote initiatives. See the following chart indicating the questions where the Firms with Higher Net Revenue per FTE Employee were more progressive or unique from the rest of the survey set.

Exhibit: Firms with Higher Average Net Fees per FTE Employee

Compared to All Respondents (5%+ differential)

Everything Respondents


Higher Average Net Fees per FTE


Does your company allow for Anywhere work? Completely remote + Office space and people can choose 80% 87%
We allow all admin/ to work remotely some or all of the time 27% 38%
Employ remote workers in another geography 78% 84%
We hired them in remote locations 81% 94%
We have a remote recruiting strategy 43% 63%
Does your company allow for Anytime work? Yes 94% 100%
Flex time options
Unlimited PTO 19% 29%
Reduced hours off-peak (normal hours during busy season) 55% 63%
Non-traditional staffing
Offshoring work to providers overseas 35% 51%
Outsourcing work to domestic providers 30% 43%
Hiring gig-based workers to work on a contract or fractional basis (as-needed), regardless of location 30% 37%
We allow interns to work from the office, home, and other locations, sometimes outside our geography 39% 51%
We have an Anywhere Work policy or guideline 57% 62%
We bring everyone in a few times a year during the same time period for company-wide events and team building 38% 47%
Steps we take to ensure the remote feels included
We have “champions” who check in regularly with remote team members, gathering feedback and suggesting changes to support remote team members 16% 27%
We regularly remind our leadership team of our remote and flex strategies to ensure their support 49% 62%
We teach and practice including meeting facilitation techniques 31% 41%
We invest in our conference room tech so that remote team members can fully participate and be seen/heard by in-office meeting participants 63% 71%
We hold regular check-in meetings with remote staff to evaluate what’s working and make necessary adjustments 56% 65%
We survey remote and flex team members to gauge their feelings about inclusion and empowerment 23% 35%
Strategies to enhance connection
We host online social hours, events, and parties 42% 53%
We encourage communication among teams and evaluate progress in this area 50% 65%
We bring our people together in person on occasion during the year for strategy, collaboration, and fun 77% 94%