At a Samoyed Meetup in NYC: Photos

Sean Bedford and Niuniu (pictured above, left)
Psychotherapist, Downtown Brooklyn

How do you know Jin and Newland?
We live in the same building. My wife and I invite him and his wife over and we’ll cook dinner, or they invite us over and they’ll cook dinner, and Newland and NiuNiu just do their own thing. There’s one other Sammy in the building and she’s really sweet, but the connection with the owners is just not quite the same.

Jin Niu and Newland (pictured above, left)
Lawyer, Downtown Brooklyn

I named him after Newland Archer from The Age of Innocence. The character represents somebody with a lot of intellectual conflict, and our Newland is like that. If you offer him beef or chicken, you can just see him being torn up about it.

How did you decide on a Samoyed?
When I was growing up in Texas, a lot of my neighbors had golden retrievers and I’d watch Air Bid. But I read a book when I was a kid that said the kindest dog is the Samoyed, and I remember thinking, If I ever get a dog, I want a really kind dog. So when I became an adult, it was kind of obvious I’d go with a Sammy. But there aren’t many Sammy breeders. We reached out to three in April 2021 and didn’t get Newland until the first day of 2022.

Does his hair get dirty?
I was afraid of that, but it’s totally a myth.

Jackie Hornung and Lumi

Medical Assistant, Chelsea

Phillipe Santiago, Gabriela Passaline, and Nina

Music promoter and nanny, Elizabeth, New Jersey

Michelle Natiello and Porsche

Regulatory associate director, Sutton Place

Does everyone at the meetup have a Samoyed?

Not at all. We’ve got probably a good four or five people who come regularly who don’t have Samoyeds. They just wish they could, and they can’t, so they come to play with us. These dogs attract so much attention. When we’re in Central Park, it’s like we’re at the zoo.

Ashley Sajecki and Dakota

Nanny, Upper West Side

Justin Portes and Mochi

Investment professional, Williamsburg

How did you find out about this group?

On Facebook one day. Samoyeds are one of the more difficult breeds to raise, so I was just curious to hear about other owners’ experiences raising one. Honestly, it’s become a little like a therapy session.

Zizen Pan, Eric Dong, and Theo

Risk management and account manager, Flushing

Amy Ma and Oden

Music industry analyst, Long Island City

Samantha Mellone and Mallow

Marketing company founder, Upper East Side

Chris Cheung, Laura Cheung, and Winter

Chief and paralegal, Windsor Terrace

What are some of the challenges of a Samoyed?

Chris: Samoyeds are distinct. They do not listen well, and they have a very big prey drive.

Laura: One of the questions that always gets asked in the Samoyeds meetup is “Is it fenced off?” And the answer is always “Yes, it’s fenced off. We know.”

Blake Rosso, Adrine Radutska, and Loki

Hotel owner and stylist, Soho

Where’s Loki from?

Adrienne: Ukraine. I’m looking for him while his owner, Vitaliy, gets settled in America after fleeing the war. At first, Loki spent all his time on his blanket because it smelled like home. But now he loves us and he’s very happy.

Julie Hill and Marshmello

Nurse, Astoria

What makes him Marshmello?

His howl. I posted a video of it in August that now has 4.9 million views. A lot of people say their Sammys don’t howl, but Mello started the day we got him. We said, “Good morning,” and he just started howling back.

Allison Renée Jane and Amanita

Wellness coach, Astoria

City of Photographs Marcus McDonald

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