Want to Go Electric? This Gas Stove Rebate Saves You $840

The debate about switching from gas stoves to electric cooktops has been heating up lately on social media. So what’s the firestorm of controversy about? In short, state and national agencies are advising — and in some cases giving tax incentives — for consumers to save energy by switching from gas appliances to electric. If … Read more

10 Best Movies Where the Americans Are Evil

The portrayal of Americans in films has often been a polarizing topic. While some movies depict Americans as heroic and noble figures, others paint a more sinister picture. This Redditor-inspired list explores films where Americans are depicted as the story’s villains, showcasing the complex and often negative impact that American actions and ideologies can have … Read more

10 Things Successful Retirees Do Differently

Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock.com The most successful retirees seem to have it all: not just financial security but also health, happiness and peace of mind. How do they do it? Here are habits, approaches and characteristics that can help put you on track to success in retirement. 1. They’ve made end-of-life plans fizkes / Shutterstock.com … Read more

Welcome to the Fun House

It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little joe… Welcome to another rousing edition of Black Coffee, your off-beat weekly round-up of what’s been going on in the world of money and personal finance. I hope everyone had a wonderful week. And with that, let’s get right to this week’s commentary, shall we? … Read more

6 Free Tools That Help You Prepare for Natural Disasters

David Pereiras / Shutterstock.com Natural disasters are also financial disasters, responsible for billions in property damage each year — and often resulting in inflated insurance premiums as well. In 2021, the most recent year for which data is available, natural catastrophes caused $92 billion in estimated insured property losses, according to the Insurance Information Institute. … Read more