Cloudvirga’s POS platform provides loan officers with everything they need to prepare a loan in minutes

One pain point affecting lenders today is around how they can differentiate themselves from the competition and increase efficiencies. Cloudvirga’s platform solves for both by creating the best experience for borrowers and loan officers.

Cloudvirga’s POS is an experience-driven platform that gives lenders access to the tools they need in an easy-to-use, responsive UI. It focuses on more than just task management and automation.

The Cloudvirga team has been able to dramatically improve the experience of the borrower and the loan officer. They’ve introduced tools such as a full PPE suite, government center and a unique loan comparison report, combined with a loan officer UI that allows users to complete all necessary work and tasks within the Cloudvirga platform. All of this is wrapped in an experience as simple and easy to manage as the borrower’s.

“A key differentiator of ours (and something missing from the market at large) is a focus on the loan officer’s experience,” said Jason Smith, SVP Sales and Marketing. “We give LOs the tools they need to prepare an underwriter-ready loan in minutes, with the experience they deserve through a UI as friendly as the borrower’s, all while keeping them out of the LOS completely – that’s right, out of the LOS. ”

For borrowers, a point-of-sale system is typically their first physical interaction with a lender’s brand. Because of this, Cloudvirga has created a five-star experience from the very beginning, carrying that throughout the entire process. Use of CV’s platform helps a lender differentiate their brand and create a happy, lifelong customer.

“We have designed a borrower experience that allows them to complete the application and live within our portal throughout the entire process,” CEO Maria Moskver said. “Cloudvirga is here to help capture and retain the market you need and deserve.”

The Cloudvirga platform streamlines the user experience by keeping both the borrower and loan officer in one place with the tools they need to create an underwriter-ready file in minutes, all with an experience that is easy and efficient. The borrower and loan officer can clearly see the next required action, where they are in the application, conditions management and closing phases.

Cloudvirga aims to keep the implementation process as simple and efficient as possible. The team closely coordinates with the client upfront on things like branding, robust PPE screens, layering of loan product details and risk management. Clients work closely with an account manager, customer success team and product development as well as the implementation team.

From a brand perspective, the platform is completely white-labelled and has all the tools users would expect to capture and retain the client base they need to be successful.

“We believe the right technology empowers loan officers, creating more business, more efficiently, as well as directly helping the lender acquire and retain the best LO talent in the industry – something that is even more critical in a down market,” Moskver said.

PW Headshot

Jason Smith, SVP Sales and Marketing

Jason Smith is responsible for expanding market initiatives, maintaining relationships, and selling Cloudvirga’s products and solutions.

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Raman Iyer, Head of Engineering

Raman Iyer is responsible for Cloudvirga’s digital innovation and technology strategy.


Maria Moskver, CEO

Maria Moskver is responsible for all aspects of Cloudvirga’s initiatives, while instilling a culture of transparency, appreciation and respect.

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