How To Be Rich? Stay Healthy

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How To Be Rich?  Stay Healthy

To start with, there are four distinct, independent ways for you to become rich:

  • Monetaryly Rich – Determined by your monetary assets.
  • Spiritually Rich – Very difficult to attain, and monetary wealth may seem insignificant once reached.
  • Emotionally Rich – When your soul feels rich by how you conduct yourself. We constantly feel it, but we must work on ourselves to keep experiencing it. Here’s one of my previous takes on emotional richness.
  • Socially Rich – When you have significant social influence in society.

Maintaining good health is one crucial component of being wealthy that covers all four criteria.

Why is maintaining good health the source of all riches?

  • Because getting sick costs money.
  • Because most people are sick to death of something or other, healthy living is a virtue.

An illness frequently makes you socially awkward and keeps you from taking in your environment. Your illness robs your family of you. It keeps you from leading a meaningful life.

If you’re not feeling well, neither will your soul. In exchange for money, many illnesses can be treated. Most diseases can be avoided by exercising caution and adopting healthy lifestyle habits. By taking good care of our bodies, we can reduce the severity of many old age syndromes.

According to a report from the Kaiser Health Foundation, in 2009, per capita expenditure on health in the US was more than $8,000 per year. That’s a lot of money! About a million dollars in your lifetime.

As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. It is imperative to stay healthy in your endeavor to become rich. This motivates you to work hard and increase your work-life span.

On the other hand, if you start taking care of your physical body simply by starting easy exercises at homeyou will not only be able to reduce the cost of health care but also have more time to enjoy your money, see places, and to do things that usually require a certain level of physical fitness.

According to my salary statement, I spend close to $200 of my biweekly paycheck on health insurance, for a total of $5,600 annually. Our Aetna plan includes a $2,400 annual deductible; a 10% co-pay is required after it is met.

As a result, we pay more than $7,000 annually for health care. With each year, it’s going to be much more.

Some diseases are costly, and all insurance companies maintain a maximum lifetime coverage. That implies that your entire savings are at stake if you get one of those diseases.

Even at 10% (after the deductible is paid), an extended hospital stay may significantly deplete your or my savings.

De-stress yourself to live a rich, healthy lifestyle

Stress is a significant factor preventing people from living prosperous and healthy lifestyles. Stress can cause you to make poor decisions, and it’s been shown that stress can lead to various health issues, including heart disease and depression.

One of the easiest ways to de-stress yourself is by exercising regularly. This not only releases endorphins, but it will also help you get into the habit of eating healthier foods. If you’re looking for more ideas on de-stressing yourself, check out this article: Manage Stress In Your Life.

What did people learn from COVID-19 concerning living a healthy, rich lifestyle?

People learned that a healthy lifestyle is not only about looking good but being happy. It’s about eating in moderation, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. COVID-19 forced people to focus on their health because it was no longer about vanity but about staying alive.

Covid taught us a lot about our healthcare systems as well:

  1. It taught us that we should always be suspicious of our food and its preparation. We can’t take anything for granted anymore and must be vigilant about what we eat.
  2. It also showed us how important it is to have an effective healthcare system. We must identify problems early on and treat them before they become too serious.
  3. We learned that we couldn’t rely on governments or other organizations to handle everything for us; we must also do our part as individuals. When something like Covid happens, we have no choice but to rely on ourselves for survival.

How has COVID-19 impacted people’s mental health?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on people’s mental health.

We have seen a 20% increase in hospital visits for mental health issues since the pandemic’s beginning.

This is likely due to a combination of factors, including stress caused by the fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its effects and anxiety about family members or friends being infected or becoming ill.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people take steps to maintain their mental health during this time. These include:

  • Eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs, which can worsen symptoms or make them worse
  • Reaching out for support from friends and family members if needed

How can we ensure healthy living?

The best way to ensure a healthy us is by following the five steps below:

1. Cleanse your soul, stay happy

If you want to have a healthy body, you have to have healthy thoughts and emotions. Just as it’s important to avoid toxic chemicals, it’s important to avoid toxic thoughts. This is easier said than done, but it’s a must that you need to change your thoughts and learnings.

No one is good or bad. It’s perception and circumstances that make us good or bad. Once you start loving all alike, you sure feel a lot richer yourself.

Be positive and think positive. It makes a lot of things more accessible in our lives.

2. Exercise regularly

This is a no-brainer. Regular exercise controls weight and reduces the chance of high blood pressure.

Regular physical activity improves muscle strength and boosts endurance. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to our tissues and help the cardiovascular system work more efficiently.

Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may make you happier and more relaxed. As a general goal, aim for specific minimal physical activity every day.

3. Eat healthily, eat well

Don’t overeat. Stop when you are drunk. Don’t keep a lot of time gap between two meals. Eat fruits and green vegetables.

Cook your food most of the time, avoid outside food, set your diet, and control your calorie intake.

Eat balanced food containing protein, fibre, carbohydrates and vitamins. Don’t skip breakfast; eat at least 3 hours before bed.

4. Take rest and sleep well

It’s essential to give your body and brain a break. Studies suggest that an adult body requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. I am guilty of violating that lately, to be fair with you!

Too little sleep can make you have memory difficulties and depression and weaken the immune system.

5. Take care of dental needs

Often we ignore our dental care for the regular physical sickness and diseases. It’s, in fact, our teeth that are affected most by our negligence. Most of us often do not visit the dentist for routine teeth cleaning.

I admit one of my teeth is almost broken, and I still don’t go to the dentist for fear of getting hurt. Taking good care of your teeth and perfecting that smile with braces can have a far-reaching impact on our long-term journey of becoming rich. What is the use of money if you don’t even have a million-dollar smile?

Doing all these can boost your self-confidence and make you an easier person to talk to.


  • We all get sick or injured. The chances of getting a disease increase with age. If you get something that doesn’t get better on its own soon, don’t neglect it. See a doctor. Sound practices are not enough to cure all illnesses.
  • When working out, never over-exercise. If you know your body needs rest, take rest.

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