I Caught The Covid Bug In Kuala Lumpur

Oops, I’m gonna be running a little low on blog posts this month as I’ve been away in Kuala Lumpur.

Prior to my KL trip, I’m probably one of the “lucky” few who have somehow managed to avoid testing positive for Covid despite the onslaught of the pandemic.

Oddly enough, I didn’t actually do anything to actively prevent an infection. When the mask-off rules were implemented, my wife and I stopped wearing them under permissible situations.

Back in July, we went on a trip to Bali for 8 days and that was a mask-free trip as well.

Although we didn’t get the Covid bug, we ended up with diarrhea instead – thankfully, all expenses were covered by our Income travel insurance.

Small Town Life to Big City Luxury

Over the weekend, I headed across the causeway (5 hours by car haha) to attend a wedding in a small Malaysian town. It was a fun experience, to say the least!

  • Stayed at landed property with 6 rooms and 4 bathrooms (Airbnb FTW!)
  • Had a look at what public housing there looks like
  • Tried the delicious local food in town eg bak kut teh for breakfast is a thing
  • The small town banquet was really fun! The program is similar yet different, the best part was definitely the food

After a 2-night stay there, we made our way to KL which was a 2-hour drive away where we stayed at Pavilion Hotel at Bukit Bintang which is managed by Banyan Tree.

Apart from the price, we love everything about the hotel!

Geo-arbitrage as a tourist

For this trip, we were traveling with family and therefore, took things pretty easy.

It’s weird saying this but I have NEVER been to KL prior to this!

I have visited Redang, Langkawi, Tioman, Penang, Ipoh and JB etc but somehow, I never did make the trip to KL because it didn’t seem appealing to me.

Since we were at the heart of KL, Bukit Bintang kinda reminds us of our Orchard Road and we kind of expected prices to be higher than normal.

Not ashamed to admit, I’m definitely no foodie – my wife says that if I ever complain about the food not being nice, the owner might as well close shop!

But still, I can briefly share a few items below for a quick comparison of how prices are over in KL.

Dragon-i @ Pavilion Mall

One of the reasons we chose to stay at the Pavilion Hotel is because Pavilion Mall is directly accessible from it.

So, Dragon-i basically serves up Chinese cuisine, sort of like Crystal Jade?

If my memory serves me well, City Square in JB has a Dragon-i outlet as well.

We ordered a bunch of items for 4 pax and the total came up to RM$295 or S$87 in total.

Lavender @ Pavilion Mall

People familiar with JB would find this very familiar.

I always tell people Lavender is just like our Bread Talk haha.

Eureka Popcorn @ Pavilion Mall

Regulars to JB’s City Square would be no strangers to Eureka Popcorn.

We took the chance to grab 3 big packs for RM$42.70!

Fans would know that one pack of wasabi-flavoured popcorn retails for S$11.50 here!

Mitasu Japanese Ala Carte Buffet

Popped by this value-for-money sashimi joint for our fill of salmon and tuna.

RM$336 (S$100) for 4-pax at Mitasu which is pretty good value.

Sai Woo Restoran @ Jalan Alor

We skipped the famous Wong Ah Wah and opted for Sai Woo instead.

  • Grilled stingray (RM$50)
  • BBQ wings x 6 (RM$21)
  • Ginger and onion fish (RM$33)
  • Satay x 10 (RM$18)
  • Veggies (RM$28)

Turned out to be pretty good including the service, everyone at the table enjoyed the food.

Prawn Noodles @ Kopitiam

RM$8 for a random bowl of prawn noodles, which turned out to be better than many I have had in Singapore.

Grab super app

We took the chance to try out the quality of Grab in KL although we’ve already tried it in JB.

In case you’re wondering, it was excellent.

A short 3-km took around 14 minutes and cost RM$10. Wow, very cheap!

Grab is pretty convenient for getting around spots where the public transport doesn’t service.

Took a day-tour with a private guide just to hit all the touristy spots and learned a lot of useful tips from him in case we wanna stay for a week or two next time.

Longer KL trip next time

The way I see it, as long as we were to stay away from high-end shopping malls (they remind us too much of Singapore anyway), cost of living can be pretty affordable even in KL.

Accommodation, transport and food are always the two big three considerations.

Staying a week or two in KL in an Airbnb condominium is going to be quite doable next time – hope we don’t get bored!

Getting around via the Klang Valley Integrated Transit System for the easy-to-reach places and utilizing Grab for the inaccessible ones.

As usual, will hit the supermarket and local food joints to enjoy a more local experience while keeping costs down. Otherwise, use Grab to order food!

Will share more next time when that happens. In case you have a good recommendation on where to stay in KL, do let me know!

Tested positive

Guess I caught the bug in Kuala Lumpur after all!

From casual conversations with family and friends, my wife and I are among the rare few who have managed to avoid Covid despite not trying very hard.

After testing positive in the morning around 9am, we ordered some supplies via the FairPrice app and got it delivered at 12pm.

We didn’t bother to see a doctor and chose to self-medicate.

Budget Covid recovery starter pack

I know a lot of Covid-related information has already been shared, but here’s my budget Covid recovery starter pack for items that have worked really well for me, nothing fanciful or expensive but they helped my wife and I feel a lot more comfortable.

  • Food – Instant porridge (Knorr, Maggi) and chocolate chip raisin bread (Bonjour). Great sweet/savory options for day 1 and 2 when appetite is poor, body is aching and energy level is low. Hard-boiled eggs were excellent easy-and-filling option too!
  • Drink – Isotonic water (Pocari) and coconut water. Helps us to hydrate more since it tastes better.
  • Medical – Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa for the win. Real life-saver as it soothes the throat! And don’t forget cheap generic paracetamol!

Fever is gone, throat is no longer sore from the coughing and nose is occasionally blocked. Body isn’t tender and sensitive to cold, and the worst seems to be over for now! Phlegm still causing the random bouts of coughing but that’s it.

So we are no longer Covid-naive! Why do they even need fanciful terms like this?

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