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IM Academy is known as an online education platform specializing in financial markets. However, the Academy also hosts in-person events — and 2022 saw a full slate.

Theses IM Beyond events are designed to provide opportunities to network and share strategies, as well as recognize high achievers involved with the Academy. It also hosts motivational and educational speeches from Academy leaders such as IM Mastery Academy CEO Christopher Terry.

What Happens at IM Beyond Events?

Each IM Academy event is different, with social and educational activities scheduled based on the setting in which the event takes place. In 2022, these settings included Palm Beach, Florida; Barcelona, ​​Spain; Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona; and Zurich, Switzerland.

The variety of locations speaks to the international scale of IM Academy. It’s grown from a small online platform focused only on financial markets to a multidisciplinary educational organization that reaches thousands of students worldwide. IM Beyond events in 2022 helped launch several new academies and services, including the TLX travel and lifestyle service, the TBX Academy for time-based intraday exchange strategies, and the SFX Academy on the stocks and futures markets.

These new academies were added to an existing roster that features the FRX Academy for foreign exchange markets, the DCX Academy for digital currencies, and the ECX Academy for e-commerce. IM Academy also added the SMX Academy for social media branding and the MMX Academy, which focuses on mindset and mentorship, in the fourth quarter of 2022. The new offerings will likely be a key topic of discussion at events hosted by IM Academy in 2023.

Despite the diversity of academies and the locations that host IM Beyond gatherings, these events share a focus on IM Academy’s underlying philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of a positive self-concept, a commitment to learning new ideas, and the cultivation of mentorship and community support.

IM Beyond conventions typically feature a mixture of presentations from leaders in the Academy aimed at sharing their stories of development and imparting suggestions about how to approach education using IM Academy’s online resources.

Events may also feature roundtable discussions on strategies and specific academies. For example, the IM Beyond event held in Phoenix featured a discussion with Carolyn Boroden, an expert in time-based Fibonacci exchange strategies and one of the architects of the SFX Academy.

Many of these programs feature a keynote address from CEO Christopher Terry, who co-founded IM Mastery Academy with CFO Isis Terry. The CEO’s speeches touch on topics ranging from his personal story of self-education and entrepreneurship to the importance of actively developing a mindset that enables personal growth and meaningful connection with others.

Terry expressed his other-oriented approach to education and networking in a recent Instagram post.

“Networking is always about giving without an expectation. It’s not about you or me, it’s about us. You see, we all want a sense of purpose. We all want great health and well-being. We all want happiness and fulfillment. We want meaningful relationships, and we want to be comfortable. But understand that blessings flow more rapidly to you when you give, share, and serve others.”

For Terry, this mindset of serving others is the driving force behind the organization of IM Beyond events, which provide an opportunity for those involved in what is primarily an online medium to connect in person and strengthen the sense of community and support within the Academy.

In addition to appearing at IM Beyond Events, Terry completed a European speaking tour in 2022, traveling to over 12 destinations across the continent to spread the Academy’s message and connect with independent business owners, members, and educators.

“After traveling 12-plus countries during this recent Europe tour, it reoccurred to me that 90%-95% of the people in this world are still programmed a certain way. Unfortunately, this program is on the side of lack, limitation, struggle, setbacks, hardships,” said Terry in a Facebook post upon completing the European tour. “However, as creative beings, we have a choice. We can choose the thoughts to think, the affirmations to speak, and the actions to take. We can choose whether or not we want to reprogram our mind.”

Events on the Horizon

As IM Academy concludes its busy 2022 schedule, it remains focused on planning conferences in 2023. Two events are already scheduled: an IM Beyond event that will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from March 16-19, and an IM Elevate regional event scheduled to be held in Orlando, Florida, from March 24-26.

Leading up to these events, IM Academy closed out 2022 with a 25 Days of Giving promotion highlighting its focus on live mentorship in an online setting. The 25 Days of Giving program featured educators from each Academy providing free online sessions on educational strategies and mindset, with topics covered ranging from financial markets to social media and travel and lifestyle.

These sessions are similar to the GoLive sessions available to IM Academy members. In line with its focus on building personal connections, IM Academy has emphasized a live mentorship component throughout the design of its online resources. While it remains committed to providing flexible online resources, through its events and online mentorship IM Academy is also focused on giving those involved with the Academy a chance to connect with one another.

Note: IM Academy is an educational forum and does not offer students financial or investment advice or access to broker services.

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