Warehouse Wednesday: Enterprise Expiration Date ‘Update’

Those of you using Expiration Date Tracking in QuickBooks Enterprise 23.0 may have already discovered what I’m about to write about. But since I didn’t cover these aspects of this feature in the initial summary I wrote last September, I wanted to cover them in the first edition of our return to Warehouse Wednesdays. By … Read more

QB Talks — Inside QB Desktop Enterprise 2023 Cash Flow Tools

Full transcript below Our first enhancement grouping is cash flow tools, and the features that I’ve included in the cash flow tools grouping are the following, the cash flow hub, the bill and PO workflow approvals, the payment links dashboard, and contactless payments. Let’s start the cash flow tools features with the cash flow. This … Read more

A Guide to Entrepreneurship – insightfulaccountant.com

There have been many changes in our economy over the past few years. As uncertain as times have been, now is actually a great time to start your own business. Indeed, there are many opportunities that new business owners may be able to take advantage of, including tax incentives and small business grants. If your … Read more

Insightful Accountant Expanding ProAdvisor Awards Program for 2023

Insightful Accountant’s The Top 100 ProAdvisor award program recognizes the best of the best of ProAdvisors in many categories. However, many newer ProAdvisors reportedly find it almost impossible to qualify for the list and therefore do not even try. With this in mind, we are proud to announce we have listened to your feedback and … Read more

7 Critical Steps in Financial Forecasting

Every business will experience ups and downs over time, due to both internal and external reasons. It is impossible to predict exactly what difficulties may arise, including the massive effect of the pandemic on businesses. Shutdowns dramatically impacted businesses of all kinds, especially the entertainment and recreation industry, in which 48% of businesses experienced a … Read more

Meet Top 100 ProAdvisor Natalie Browne

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of our ongoing series highlighting 2022’s Insightful Accountant’s Top 100 ProAdvisors. We will continue to introduce you to our winners—checking in on their insights regarding a wide range of topics, including what it is like to be a leader in their profession, how to stay on top and … Read more

The Time is Now to Prepare for ASC 842

Whether you are ready or not, the ASC 842 standard for GAAP lease accounting is here—and the time is now to prepare your clients for its implications. What exactly does this new standard mean? The new ASC 842 standard for GAAP lease accounting requires all leases longer than 12 months to be recorded as assets … Read more

The Case for Forensic Detectives in Accounting

Anyone who has followed the implosion of the crypto exchange FTX has seen the growing need for individuals and businesses to employ forensic accountants. In recognition of their specialized training and skills, forensic accountants earn more than traditional accountants, starting at close to $100,000—but the appeal of the job is more than financial. Forensic accountants … Read more

5 Digital ‘Must Haves’ You Need at Your Disposal

Here’s a not so surprising fact. According to HubSpot, 65% of consumers say the experience they encounter on a website is a “very important” factor in recommending a brand. Not enough? HubSpot also says that 75% of consumers expect new technologies to be used to create memorable and better experiences. The bottom line seems clear: … Read more