Opinion: ‘It’s payback time.’ US stocks have been a no-brainer moneymaker for years — but those days are over.

If you owned US stocks over the past decade, you’ve been richly rewarded. It’s payback time. Over the next decade or two, investors will experience bull and bear markets, but at the end of the journey they will not be far from where they started. When you own a stock, your returns come from two … Read more

Wall Street to Jerome Powell: We don’t believe you

Do you want the good news about the Federal Reserve and its chairman Jerome Powell, the other good news…or the bad news? Let’s start with the first bit of good news. Powell and his fellow Fed committee members just hiked short-term interest rates another 0.25 percentage points to 4.75%, which means retirees and other savers … Read more

Why Now is the Time to Add Financial Planning to Your Firm

Accounting firms offer guided, professional advice to their clients, but many can offer even more help through financial planning. Client needs and expectations are growing. If you don’t meet these needs, you may lose clients along the way or fail to offer a service that could make their experience even better. The start of a … Read more

I’m a retired mom, and want to buy an apartment in New Jersey with my daughter. Should we sell her home and buy now — or sell and wait for house prices to fall?

Dear MarketWatch, I’m from New Jersey. My daughter and I are looking to invest in a multi-family unit for our family. I’m retired and live in a luxury apartment paying $2,000 a month for rent, soon to increase to $2,200. My daughter is a homeowner and her property currently has $75,000 to $100,000 in equity. … Read more

Some home builders are offering mortgage rates as low as 3%. Here’s why they’re doing it.

Home builders are playing hardball by offering mortgage rates as low as 3% on new homes to boost buyer demand. So how and why are they doing that? For starters, home builders are feeling a lot less gloomy these days, as mortgage rates dip and buyer demand picks up. Mortgage demand surged on Wednesday, with … Read more

‘My adviser insists this is a good, low-risk investment.’ I’m semi-retired at 63 with $2 million saved. My financial adviser wants me to sink half my money in an annuity. Should you do it?

I’ve never been a big fan of annuities, but my advisor insists this is a good low risk investment vehicle. Is a variable annuity a good option for me? Getty Images Question: I am 63 and semi-retired. You have no debt. You have $2 million in pre-tax 401(k), and about $60k in other savings, and … Read more

‘I grew up poor’: My wife and I have a $1.2 million real-estate portfolio and $250,000 invested in stocks. Are we financially secure enough to start a family?

My wife and I have been married for 12 years and have not started a family yet, with the exception of our two Labradors. We are both in finance, and have several years of technical experience in our professions. We have a $1.3 million dollar real-estate portfolio that has positive cash flow, and have a … Read more

I retired at 50, went back to work at 53, and then a medical issue left me jobless: ‘There’s no such thing as a safe amount of money’

I had always said I was going to retire when I was 50. I had worked and saved since I was 16. Retiring without Medicare and Social Security is a scary thing. I wound up retiring then going back to work. At 53, I took a part-time job with a decent salary for the hours … Read more

‘I feel so betrayed’: Who should get my mother’s diamond rings? My late sister left them to her daughter-in-law. What options do you have?

By the time I was 19, both of my parents had passed away. My mom died from heart disease and my dad died two years later from lung cancer. My sister and I were quite close, but her alcoholic husband was always “stirring the pot” and for that reason I distanced myself. I regret this … Read more

‘I dug myself out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle’: Should I use my bonus to pay off my mortgage, put it in a savings account or Vanguard?

Dear Quentin, Over the last couple of years I dug myself out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, and I am making good money. I never learned about stocks, investing, etc. I do not have a 401(k) at work. My lawyer uncle advised me to open a self-managed Vanguard account with four different levels of stocks. I … Read more