Creating a Sales Funnel If You’re a Real Estate Professional

A successful real estate agent knows how important it is to nurture leads and continue building a steady flow of clients. The more clients you have, the more you grow your business and become increasingly profitable. When you have a sales funnel, it’s a way to move your potential clients along through the process, hopefully … Read more

Redfin Reports $2,500 Monthly Budget Buys a $400,000 Home For First Time Since September As Rates Dip Below 6%

A homebuyer on a $2,500 monthly budget can afford a $400,000 home for the first time in four months as mortgage rates dip below 6%, according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. The average daily mortgage rate came in at 5.99% on February 2, the first sub-6% average since … Read more

These Cities Are Expected to Have the Highest Rent Prices in 2023

As we look ahead to the rest of this year, New York is anticipated to be the year’s most expensive rental market, and that’s unlikely to change. The median rent in December 2020 in New York City was $2,399, and it’s gone up 56% since then to a median price of $3,738 in December 2022. … Read more

Should You Buy an Airbnb Investment Property?

Since 2008, Airbnb has been an exciting innovator. Airbnb has changed how we vacation throughout the world, but it’s also created diversified opportunities to invest in real estate. With the online marketplace, property owners became able to rent out their spare rooms or entire homes, and now millions of people stay in an Airbnb on … Read more

Buying a Home as an Unmarried Couple: What to Know

It’s increasingly common for people to live together but not be married. For example, in the past 20 years, the number of unmarried couples living together has almost tripled. You might be planning to wait to get married, or maybe you’re not going to at all, but what if you want to buy a home … Read more

A Record 25% of Home Searchers Looked to Move to a New Metro at the End of 2022 as High Housing Costs Drove Relocation

Economic uncertainty and 6%-plus mortgage rates caused fewer Americans to purchase homes in the fourth quarter. But those who did buy relocated at an unprecedented rate due to remote work and the allure of more affordable options A record one-quarter (24.6%) of users looked to move to a different metro area in the fourth … Read more

Technology Empowers Buyers To Expect More

Real estate is being digitally transformed. Buyer behavior, driven by the current online shopping boom and its technology, is changing the real estate market—finally! “It’s no secret, real estate is one of the largest assets, if not the largest asset globally—finance being right there behind it,” said Moderator and ULI Icon Sponsor John CecilianCEO and … Read more

I’m a retired mom, and want to buy an apartment in New Jersey with my daughter. Should we sell her home and buy now — or sell and wait for house prices to fall?

Dear MarketWatch, I’m from New Jersey. My daughter and I are looking to invest in a multi-family unit for our family. I’m retired and live in a luxury apartment paying $2,000 a month for rent, soon to increase to $2,200. My daughter is a homeowner and her property currently has $75,000 to $100,000 in equity. … Read more

Some home builders are offering mortgage rates as low as 3%. Here’s why they’re doing it.

Home builders are playing hardball by offering mortgage rates as low as 3% on new homes to boost buyer demand. So how and why are they doing that? For starters, home builders are feeling a lot less gloomy these days, as mortgage rates dip and buyer demand picks up. Mortgage demand surged on Wednesday, with … Read more

Mansion destroyed by fire last year and listed on Zillow was off the market within a week

The real-estate sector is still red hot, as one recent listing proves. A recent listing on Zillow Z, +3.23% went viral recently after users spotted the highly unusual photos of a property that was ablaze. Despite its burnt status, which is likely to require extensive repair work, it went under contract within the week. The … Read more