The 9 Best Men’s Consignment Shops for Second-Hand Clothes

If you’re hoping to sell some gently used womenswear online or in-store, you might immediately think of laundry lists of retailers. But when we’re talking about menswear, the answer is not so obvious. Where are the best places to sell your mens cast-offs, your unused suits or your lightly-worn ties? Well, fret not, because there … Read more

How to File Your Taxes for Uber, Lyft and Other Popular Gig Apps

Tax Day 2023 is closing in, and the burden for gig workers is a little heavier because you’re considered independent contractors — not employees — of the popular app-based companies you work for. After years of filing extensions because of the pandemic, last year marked the return to a more familiar April deadline. Similarly, this … Read more

How to Make Money on Audible: 3 Simple Ways

Over its nearly 30-year run, Audible has become a household name for online audiobooks. It’s almost impossible to listen to a podcast these days without the host advertising an Audible subscription. There is a good reason why all your favorite online services seem to advertise Audible: They can make good money doing so, and so … Read more

Its a Good Time to Walk Dogs for Money Thanks to Pandemic Pups

Break out the leashes and the poop bags! There’s never been a better time to be a dog walker. Who says so? Well, The New York Times says so. It just ran an article about professional dog walkers in Manhattan who are making more than $100,000 a year. And, sure, most of us don’t live … Read more

When You Donate Blood, You Save Lives and Earn Gift Cards

There’s a shortage of blood at many hospitals around the country, but no shortage of places to roll up that sleeve and give a pint. Along with helping save a life, donating blood is also a good way to get free stuff like $10 gift cards, beach towels and movie tickets. You could also get … Read more

Do You Qualify for Any of February’s Class-Action Settlements?

Consumers who file a claim before the February settlement deadlines could receive cash payments and other benefits. Settlements are available for defective products, false advertising, non-compliant receipts and more. February 2023 Class Action Settlements LeafFilter Debris Accumulation Class Action Lawsuit Settlement LeafFilter agreed to a class action settlement to resolve allegations its gutter filter system … Read more

What Does LLC Mean and Why Your Business Needs One

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, then the thought has probably crossed your mind: What’s an LLC, and do I need one? LLC, which stands for limited liability company, is a great option for small business owners looking for a way to get legally established. Not only does this business structure make your … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Watch TV and Videos

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