Who is your competition in wealth management?

The wealth management space is crowded. When my satellite radio went down in the car for a few days, I tuned into the good old news radio found on AM in nearly every city across America. I was blown away that most of the ads were dominated by financial advisors. Some were plain old advertisers … Read more

Recruiting: Develop leadership tracks for non-CPAs

In a recent meeting of public accounting tax leaders and advisors, I happened to ask how they introduce themselves at business events or parties. Their answers highlighted the complexity of defining the public accounting profession today. Some said that they avoid the term “accountant,” but often call themselves “business advisors.” They may also focus on … Read more

Practice Profile: Any given tax day

As millions of Americans turn on their TVs on a fall Saturday or March weekend to root for their teams in a college football matchup or NCAA basketball tournament berth, Katie Davis is often also tuning in to catch her clients competing — sometimes against each other. As a partner at Gainesville, Florida-based James Moore … Read more

Solving the accounting profession’s real pipeline issue

The number of students majoring in accounting has declined since 2016, as has the number of students reaching CPA licensure. The pandemic has not helped the accounting profession’s talent issues, as many students decided during COVID to take a gap year or not attend college at all. Leaders across the accounting profession are working hard … Read more

Why your company needs a project manager

When our company started to grow, we learned early on that our team needed a project manager. Currently, we have four full-time project managers, and our team could not run as efficiently without them. Early on, we didn’t think about or know that we needed a project manager. Managing the project and relationship seemed like … Read more

Boomer’s Blueprint: Learn and win from business transformation

Mindset and culture are paramount when it comes to change, transformation, learning and winning. Having been involved with the Winning Is Everything conference for several years, there were always critics of the name. The human tendency is to think “win-lose,” but I believe “learn-win” is a better and healthier approach, especially in today’s transformational environment. … Read more

The changing business model for CPAs

You can look on practically every website of any CPA firm today, and you will find the current business model revolves around tax, audit, accounting, advisory and financial services. That business model has driven increasingly high growth through the decades to the point where the strategy of growing a CPA firm is not to provide … Read more

Cabo trip provides lessons in client experience

EDITORS’ PICKComplimentary access to top ideas and insights — curated by our editors. I recently attended a friend’s destination birthday party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He booked a large oceanfront house with room for all his guests to stay with him and his family. I don’t know how much he paid to rent the … Read more

KPMG looks to fill the accounting student pipeline in Iowa

KPMG is expanding its efforts to attract more students to the firm and the accounting profession at large, partnering with the University of Northern Iowa to support a new hybrid learning program. UNI, which is based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, said this month it is expanding its bachelor of arts in accounting program to include … Read more

Art of Accounting: Withum State of the Firm annual meeting

EDITORS’ PICKComplimentary access to top ideas and insights — curated by our editors. Withum held its annual State of the Firm meeting on Jan. 10. It is one of our firmwide highlights. Over 1,200 partners and staff attended in person and the balance of our 2,100-member team did so virtually. This year was special since … Read more