Warehouse Wednesday: Enterprise Expiration Date ‘Update’

Those of you using Expiration Date Tracking in QuickBooks Enterprise 23.0 may have already discovered what I’m about to write about. But since I didn’t cover these aspects of this feature in the initial summary I wrote last September, I wanted to cover them in the first edition of our return to Warehouse Wednesdays. By … Read more

QB Talks — Inside QB Desktop Enterprise 2023 Cash Flow Tools

Full transcript below Our first enhancement grouping is cash flow tools, and the features that I’ve included in the cash flow tools grouping are the following, the cash flow hub, the bill and PO workflow approvals, the payment links dashboard, and contactless payments. Let’s start the cash flow tools features with the cash flow. This … Read more

Insightful Accountant Expanding ProAdvisor Awards Program for 2023

Insightful Accountant’s The Top 100 ProAdvisor award program recognizes the best of the best of ProAdvisors in many categories. However, many newer ProAdvisors reportedly find it almost impossible to qualify for the list and therefore do not even try. With this in mind, we are proud to announce we have listened to your feedback and … Read more

Where Black Business Owners are Looking to Build Success

In honor of “Black History Month,” Intuit QuickBooks commissioned a survey of 1,000 Black business owners to highlight their small business struggles and successes. The survey results emphasize persisting economic and social inequalities. Despite facing these challenges, Black business owners remain optimistic about their future, future generations and the potential for successful Black businesses to … Read more

Meet Top 100 ProAdvisor Natalie Browne

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of our ongoing series highlighting 2022’s Insightful Accountant’s Top 100 ProAdvisors. We will continue to introduce you to our winners—checking in on their insights regarding a wide range of topics, including what it is like to be a leader in their profession, how to stay on top and … Read more

Getting Ready for Top 100 – Tips & Tricks Part 2

Shortly after the first of the year, Insightful Accountant announced the addition of two new Categorical Awards to the Top 100 ProAdvisor Program. Starting with 2023, we will recognize a QuickBooks Online Advanced – Mid-market Specialist Award and a QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise – Large Business Specialist Award. As part of that announcement, I promised to … Read more

When Culture Meets Community – insightfulaccountant.com

When I was asked to share my advice on the important role that culture and community play in the planning and implementation of growth goals for Latino small businesses, I was not only humbled but incredibly ecstatic. Reason being is I truly believe that both of these factors—culture and community—are critical to support the “BIG … Read more

Top 100 ProAdvisors: Meet Ability Business’ Lisa Burnett

Client centered. When Lisa Burnett looks at what Ability Business is all about, it all starts there. Lisa and the Ability team love to develop relationships with clients so that they can understand their financial needs and help them meet them, especially when it comes to taxes. By providing innovative retail point of sale solutions … Read more

Guess What? People Die: Finding What’s Left Behind

While I was attending “QuickBooks Connect” recently in Las Vegas, I received a phone call having to do with a long-ago paid up life insurance policy that we didn’t even know our father had. Evidently, they stumbled onto his obituary online and did the right thing in trying to find his executors. We’re still following … Read more