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You may want to pay your local Taco Bell a visit.

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Taco Bell is many people’s go-to spot when they’re looking for a quick, relatively affordable fast food meal. And if you’re a Taco Bell fan, you may want to pop in between Jan. 26 and Feb. 9. That’s because during this time, Taco Bell is bringing back its crispy chicken wings. And if those are a favorite of yours, you may want to grab some before they’re gone.

The details

When you order Taco Bell’s crispy chicken wings, you get eight pieces of bone-in wings coated in a queso seasoning. The cost of those wings is $6.99.

Not every Taco Bell location is offering crispy chicken wings during those two weeks, so you’ll want to download and check the Taco Bell app to see if your local spot has them on the menu. Of course, if you want your wings fix badly enough, you might choose to drive farther to get your hands on them — but if you look up participating locations ahead of time, at least you’ll have a destination in mind and won’t have to spin your wheels (no pun intended) driving all over the place looking.

Should you try Taco Bell’s crispy chicken wings?

If you’re a fan of Taco Bell or chicken wings, then it stands to reason that you might want to try this limited-time offering. And if you enjoyed Taco Bell’s crispy chicken wings when they came around last year, you may be itching to taste them again.

Thankfully, at just $6.99, an order of these wings won’t break the bank. But you may want to be careful about ordering them too often during that Jan. 26 to Feb. 9 windows.

While $6.99 might seem like a reasonable price point, it’s more than what you might pay to cook dinner at home. And besides, depending on your appetite, a set of eight chicken wings may not be enough to constitute dinner. So you could leave with a credit card tab from Taco Bell that’s more than $6.99 each time you visit for wings, since you may end up buying other items, too.

Be careful with fast food spending

The whole point of Fast food is to get a quick, cheap meal. But even inexpensive meals you buy outside the home are generally more expensive than the cost of cooking. If your savings balance has taken a hit recently (say, due to inflation), you may want to go easy on those fast food orders for the sake of your wallet, since they can add up over time.

Of course, if you’re a huge fan of Taco Bell’s crispy chicken wings and you decide to indulge multiple times during the two-week window when they’re available, go for it. But from there, you may want to cut back on fast food if money has gotten tight, or if you’re trying to save up for other things, like a new cellphone or laptop.

Plus, let’s face it: Fast food may be delicious, but it’s generally not so good for you. So eating less of it might benefit you not only financially, but health-wise as well.

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