Top 10 Unpopular Music Opinions People Admit to Having

While scrolling the internet, I came across a wild thread of musical sentiments. Someone asked people to share their most unpopular music opinions, and here are the top-voted responses.

1. You Can Respect Something Without Liking It.

“You can respect something without liking it. The two aren’t related. I ‘respect’ the apparent amount of work Lou Reed put into creating his noise scapes for ‘Metal Machine Music.’ It doesn’t mean I want to listen to it, though,” shared one.

2. It’s Impossible to Only Like One Genre of Music

“There’s no way you only enjoy one genre of music, regardless of what that genre is. You’re being purposely close-minded, but it’s just not possible to only like one genre of music,” suggested one. Another joked, “Darn skippy! I like Country AND Western!”

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3. Listening to Depressive Music Doesn’t Make Me Depressed

Someone stated, “Just because I listen to emotional and depressive music does not make me depressed. Oliver Sacks studied this phenomenon in Musicophilia. Certain people hear sad music (or angry music) and feel sad or angry, but their neurotransmitters for pleasure also release.”

Another admitted, “Dang, I always wondered why sad songs seem to hit in a way nothing else can. My friends used to call me DJ Tears and ban me from the aux!”

4. I Love Polka and Don’t Care Who Knows It!

“I love polka and don’t care who knows it,” claimed one. “Give the new Weird Al movie a watch if you haven’t yet,” another suggested. Finally, a third admitted, “Same here, although I love it a lot more in Spanish (Tejano music).”

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5. Bad Music Can Still Be Fun To Listen To

“Bad music can still be fun to listen to,” said one. Another added, “Counterpoint: there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ music. what makes music good or bad depends entirely on personal tastes, so it’ll change from person to person.”

6. Nickelback Isn’t as Bad as People Say

One stated, “Nickelback isn’t as bad as people act like they are. Now I’m not saying there is a good band. It’s just they’re over-hated.” A second said, “Nickelback is the McDonald’s of rock. Everyone says they hate them, but you’ll still see that empty McDonald’s bag in the trash can.”

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7. It’s Infuriating When People Call Singers Talentless

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“It infuriates me when people say something is terrible or someone is talentless. For example, I don’t like Ariana Grande, but she’s far from talentless. But I prefer a different type of music,” confessed one.

A second added, “That’s how I view some artists. I’m not fond of either. For example, Beyoncé has a great voice, but I wouldn’t say I like her music, primarily because of her extremist hyper-fans.”

8. Artists Can Change Genres

“Artists can change genres! You don’t listen to one genre. So they likely don’t either, so why not create more than one?” asked one.

When others didn’t understand the controversy, someone volunteered, “Very often in Rock/Metal and Hip Hop/Rap, artists get hated on heavily for wavering in their genres. Someone experiments with something and gets crucified for daring to change what they put out.”

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9. There Is No Such Thing as Real Music

“There’s no such thing as ‘real music’ or ‘cheating’ at music. Sounds are sounds like the ones you like. I prefer organic sounds, but digital is valid, and that’s an unpopular opinion among people who prefer organic sounds,” answered another.

10. Every Genre of Music Has Something To Offer

Finally, someone said, “Every genre of music has something to offer. There are so many ‘rap sucks,’ ‘country sucks,’ and ‘pop sucks’ takes out there. You just haven’t found a good song in that genre. There are bangers in literally every genre.”

What do you think? Did Save your get this right, or do you have a more controversial music opinion? This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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