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City living isn’t for everyone.

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I grew up in Brooklyn and spent my first few years of young adulthood living in Manhattan, where well over $1,000 a month in rent bought you an apartment the size of a shoebox. At the time, I was living alone and could manage the smaller space. And I worked a demanding job I needed to be close to, so paying a small fortune for a Manhattan apartment made sense.

But once I got married, I was quick to ditch the city (and that job) and move in with my husband in suburbia. It was definitely an adjustment, especially since, like many people raised in cities, I didn’t even know how to drive when I first moved out here. But at this point, I wouldn’t move back to Manhattan, or any other city for that matter, unless you paid me a whopping sum of money.

The one thing I don’t like about the suburbs is that it’s virtually impossible to rent a decent-sized standalone home. Because of this, we have to own our house instead of renting, and to me, that’s a bad thing.

I actually prefer renting because when you own a home, you’re dealing with way more than just a mortgage payment. You’re also dealing with property taxes that can climb over time, maintenance, and repairs that can pop up when you least expect them.

But at this point, I’ve made my peace with owning a home. And I can easily say that I prefer the suburbs for these key reasons.

1. I like having space

Living in a studio apartment was okay for a while. But now that I know what it’s like to live in a larger house, I can’t imagine returning to an apartment — especially not with kids in the mix. Rest assured that I love my offspring with all of my heart. But I also love being able to shift them down to the basement when I’m tired of them making noise.

2. I appreciate having my own backyard

When you live in a city, it’s rare to have your own private outdoor space. But I love being outdoors, even if it’s just sitting on my deck to do some work or read a book. Plus, I have a dog, and while I walk him regularly, letting him off-leash in our fenced-in yard is a great way for him to get his energy out.

3. I don’t have to wait in line to cross the street

In cities like Manhattan, it can get so crowded that you miss the light crossing the street because there are too many people in front of you. Here, that doesn’t happen. Granted, in most of my neighbourhood, there aren’t traffic lights — or walkers, for that matter. Almost everyone is driven everywhere. I don’t, though, which means I tend to get the sidewalks to myself.

4. Things aren’t quite as expensive

The suburb I live in is far from cheap. But still, there’s a world of a difference between what I pay for things like groceries and takeout here and what I’d be paying in Manhattan. Plus, out here You have Costco. Enough said.

5. It’s actually quiet at night

Perhaps my least favorite part of living in Manhattan was being kept awake at night by the sound of people yelling in the street or the subway rolling by at 2:00 in the morning. Out here, the only thing you tend to hear at night is crickets. And while those can be annoying, you learn to tune them out.

Many people love the excitement and convenience of city life. But it’s just not for me. And even though I do miss being a renter, my current setup makes a lot more sense for me than an apartment the size of my living room.

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