Xero Updates North America: Fall/Winter 2022

Zero has made a multitude of product updates; however, we won’t attempt to summarize all of them for the various global (country by country) versions it offers its customer base. Rather, we are looking at those product enhancements recently made available for the US and Canadian versions of Xero.

  • The Xero Accounting iOS (Apple) app Dashboard has an updated look and feel, which makes it easier to view and find essential business information. To keep getting access to the latest features and improvements, users need to make certain that their mobile device is iOS 15.0 or later.
  • US and Canadian users of Xero are now able to search and view numeric tax rates within the new Xero invoicing, as opposed to just being able to view the tax rate name. The tax rate is shown in brackets adjacent to the name in the line item drop-down or in the field when searching. These changes allow users to confirm they have selected the correct tax rate for each line item on their invoice.1
  • Inventory items can now be created on the fly. Users no longer need to go to the Products and Services page in order to create new Inventory items2. If they need to create a new inventory item when recording a transaction, it is possible as part of the process of recording the item information on the transaction itself.
  • Users can now Preview attached files for Inventory Items directly from the Inventory list view.
  • Xero has made a number of enhancements to new reports over the past month in preparation for the retirement of older Xero reports. Accordingly, Xero users should start migrating existing work to new report versions since older report versions will sunset July 31, 2023.

(Above example)

  • To enhance the most popular Customer and Vendor reports, Xero has added the ability to produce Bar Charts. Users can now option for Bar Chart, Tree Map or Pie Chart when using either the Expenses3 or Income4 by Contact Reports.
  • Reports that make use of the “follow report date” range now have improved tracking columns. When the date of the column matches the date of the report, the Report only displays the tracking option name and does not repeat the report date in every column heading5.

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